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2014 New England Harmony Brigade A Rousing Success, and 2015 Brigade is around the corner!


Good News:  The Online Application form for the 2015 New England Harmony Brigade is now available! The New England Harmony Brigade's fourth annual eXtreme quartetting weekend will be held on September 18-20, 2015 in Marlborough, Mass.  Click here to begin the application process!

One of the premises that we started NEHB with was that we did not want to operate at a loss.  Because we locked in our hotel rates for 3 years (thanks, Jeff!) and because we also used the Great Lakes Scrips cards to our advantage, we broke even or put some money in the kitty every year.  But Marriott ended their scrips program last year, and we finished out the 2014 rally with a small loss. Although we have made every effort to lock in our rates for the long term, we absorbed some price increases this year and are faced with future price increases from Marriott.  Because of that the Board has voted to increase the price of the Brigade weekend by $13 to $298.00, with a $149.00 deposit required at the time of application.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to keep NEHB financially strong and healthy. -- NEHB Board of Directors




The 2014 New England Harmony Brigade is now complete.  92 men spent a full weekend making fantastic harmony, singing new and old songs, competing in contests, putting on a public show with students from the Algonquin Regional High School and singing around in strolling quartets at the Northborough Applefest weekend.

Some attendee comments:

"Find guys that are enthusiastic about barbershopping or quartetting and get them to the brigade - it's a must-have experience for every barbershopper!"

"It's an unforgettable weekend with good music, great friends, and lifelong memories!"

"I SO enjoy quartetting with talented singers, and there was ample opportunity to do that over 36 hours. I'm hooked!"

"It was wonderful to have guys as rock solid as I had become on the songs and ready to really perform them (not just 'work on them')"

"More fun than I would ever have ever expected."

"It is always good to sing with guys who know their words and notes. The big chorus experience is also a thrill."

"I enjoyed learning the twelve songs, singing with pick-up quartets during the weekend, and really enjoyed being in a strolling quartet at the Applefest to advertise the show."

"[In] addition to being fine singing, it was graced with humor and irreverence."

"I had an excellent time because I got to sing forever!"

"Nice to see old (and new) faces and sing with a lot of different guys."


A few pictures from the weekend: