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New England Harmony Brigade

Access the 2014 NEHB RunThrough Calendar here.

The 2014 Third Annual New England Harmony Brigade will be held Sept. 19-21 at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriot in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  

The hotel address is 75 Felton Street, Marlborough, Mass.  Hotel phone number is (508) 480-0015.

What is it?  It's a weekend of mix-and-match quartetting, and the most fun you'll have in this hobby! A dozen challenging songs and arrangements, and 99 other guys who are 100% prepared and ready to sing with - you!

The Application Form for the 2014 NEHB Rally is up!  Click here !

NEHB MEMBERS:  To qualify for your automatic acceptance, you must submit your application form no later than February 15th, 2014. 


We wanted to display some of the feedback comments we got from attendees of last year's New England Harmony Brigade Rally:

  • "I enjoyed myself the most I have in the time I have been doing barbershop (a little under 5 years)."

  • "A great bunch of guys and singers. Lots of fun with the quartets and a great Saturday night show."

  • " was an event that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I will be back."

  • "My experience from start to finish was outstanding!  ... Having the High School kids was totally awesome!"

  • "[I] was pushed musically and vocally, so it was a really productive weekend, and at the same time I enjoyed myself far more than I had expected."

  • "I am not good at meeting people and the 'dance card' was a great way for me to get around to meet as many people as possible."

  • "This event ranks right up there with International for the most fun I've had at an event."

  • "Strolling sing outs at the school fair...that made my day Saturday, to sing in an informal public setting with three talented guys on a beautiful fall day"

  • "It was the absolute most fun I could have fully dressed."

Have we got your attention yet?  :-)

Check your calendar and set aside the weekend of September 19-21, 2014 for a weekend of singing that you'll never forget!

The New England Harmony Brigade is, to put it simply, a fun quartetting weekend with a challenging repertoire.  If you are an experienced quartetter we definitely want you to apply to attend the Brigade.  

You do not need to be a District Champ, Top-10, or any other particular level of singer.  You do need to be able to confidently hold your own in a randomly chosen quartet on each of 12 challenging songs with guys you may never have sung with before.  And since each attendee promises to come 100% prepared to give you the best possible experience, you can see that the weekend only works if you come 100% prepared too!

If you think a whole weekend of singing great arrangements with guys who really know their parts is something you would enjoy (and who wouldn't?), please click on the online application link above to download a Prospectus document with more information and get started.  Hope to see you in September!